Ginny Moss Rothwell         Fine Art Mosaic Evolution   





In addition to mosaics, painting and sculpture, I have remained active with my interest in photography and wildlife. You can see some of my photographs in the Wildlife Gallery on my website. In the last few years, I have made friends with quite a few of my "backyard critters", including mockingbirds, woodpeckers, curve-billed thrashers, cardinals, a few hummingbirds and a Desert Spiny Lizard named Marco, who has been in my life for four years. They all have names and they usually come when I call them. I spend time with them every day. They are very gracious to let me photograph them. I have taken thousands of photos of them and they are often my models for my mosaics. If people were only aware of the little personalities existing right in their own back yards they would be amazed. 

Another of my interests is hiking the trails in the beautiful mountains surrounding Tucson with my friends. The weather is most often beautiful, clear and sunny. Hiking is only second to creating art in allowing me to just be in the moment and enjoy life.




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