Ginny Moss Rothwell         Fine Art Mosaic Evolution   


DesertLeaf, the Catalina Foothills Magazine, September 2011  

Tucson Citizen Online by Charles Spillar---Featured artist: Ginny Moss Rothwell, January 8, 2010 

Tales On The Wild Side: "Marco The Spiny", Arizona Daily Star, October 11, 2009 

Ted DeGrazia--Gallery In The Sun, Tucson, AZ  

Wendy Knee Wendy is a life coach and and writer in England. You will enjoy her website. We have been friends for many years and I know that she is a very wise woman. She has two books out now: "Never Die Wondering" and  "Get Cracking". 


Peter Hand  My friend in England told me about Peter's work. I think his website is well worth seeing. His figurative sculptures are fascinating. They are very detailed, lifelike and beautifully painted. The subject matter is thought-provoking. 


Ron Murray Ron has written a book called "De Grazia collectible Figurines: A Photographic and Technical Reference". It is an excellent book to have if you are interested in collecting the art of famous Tucson artist Ted De Grazia. It includes some of my handcrafted dolls from the years when I was a member of the De Grazia Guild.


Dmitriy Novakov Dmitriy is a fine artist who does wonderfully detailed illustrations as well as sculptures. His work is unbelievable. 


Anna Ivanova Anna's paintings have always inspired me. I have a large collection of them. She has given me permission to recreate two of her paintings into mosaics. Check out her websites to see more of her great work. ,, Central Asian Art 


Dmitriy Akhunbabaev Dmitriy works in pastels. I have many of his works also and I think they're wonderful. You can view his work at this website. 


Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art


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